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GBALink ZIP_SE 256M preferential benefit purchase On J2004
In order to let more new friends fully understand GBALink ZIP_SE the 256M card belt, enjoys the novel experience which the ZIP function brings. We decided in Spring Festival period card belt holds preferential benefit purchase to ZIP_SE the 256M. Active date: From January 13, 2004 to February 5, 2004. Every purchases GBALink ZIP_SE in this date the 256M coverall or Shan Ka usermay enjoy 30.00 Yuan preferential benefits, namely coverall preferential benefit price: 566.00 Yuan, single card preferential benefit price: 468.00 Yuan. This active user regardless of purchases or the business agent or the dealer place purchase in the home station which assigns, all may enjoy this preferential benefit.

Note: Above moves the closing date to order by mail in the home station take the postmark or the bank remittance documentary evidence date as.

Attaches: GBALink ZIP_SE 256M card belt characteristic introduction

1. Is in sole possession of the compression function, most greatly may compress 128M ROM, namely in the market condition all official ROM all may compress, the compression merit prefers Cheng Beikuo the kilocalorie belt capacity, ZIP_SE the 256M card belt to be possible to load above 512M the data quantity, has already surpassed the ordinary 512M FLASH card belt, but the price only has the 512M card belt one half.
The solution time of compression is short, the 32M game solution compression only needs about for 11 seconds, the 64M game solution compressions only needs about for 30 seconds, the 128M game solution compression only needs about for 60 seconds. (Actual solution compresses 128M Chinese edition rope Nick 2 only needs for 52 seconds)

2. The ultra strong golden finger function, the ZIP series card belt has the ultra strong golden finger function, supports the game quantity are most, golden finger each project all may carry on the independent switch and the establishment on GBA, establishment contact surface support simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English and the Japanese. Truly achieved ????, had one's wish.

3. The support graph Chinese menu, our Chinese conveniently, uses to be easier.

4. Works fine, quality outstanding, the performance is stable. The card belt outer covering uses imports the PC plastic to make, intensity high, toughness is good, wearability. Even if inserts many times pulls out, the surface also certainly does not have the scrape.

(Clicks on chart enlargement)

(Clicks on chart enlargement)

5. The alone metal box adds the fine color box packing, has the collection value.

Because the function is multitudinous, no longer 11 introductions, the details please examine the instruction booklet. Unceasingly promotes along with software, the more stronger renewals function is waiting for you.


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