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GBALink necessary software 3.50 tests 1st edition On September 10, 2003

1. Automatically transfers BOMA, the pressed key which the realization strengthens returns to the menu, all may use SELECT+START to nearly 99% game
The +A+B combination key carries on the game to reposition, uses the SELECT+START+L+R combination key to return to the ROM choice menu. This merit
Can be only effective to the ZIP series card belt.

Moreover has the film title regarding some the game (including some sinicizing games), because the film title is cannot remove, therefore
After the BOMA processing possibly will cause plays dying machine, therefore please discretely will use this function regarding these games.

2. Increases ROM to add the password function. The password gets rid of the ordinary letter or the digital input way, uses the GBA pressed key the combination,
More appropriate, the use is more convenient. For instance the present may use "? ? ? ? <- -> <- -> B A B A" to do is
ROM password, on GBA so long as presses down the corresponding pressed key according to the order, then presses down the START key then.

Establishes the password when PC may use under the password input to pull the password which the frame chose already establishes, or use specific
The pressed key comes the manual input, "I K J L" is the GBA about about key, "Z X" is the GBA AB key, "A S" is
The GBA LR key, direction key supports 4 trapeziuses to approach. This function special-purpose gathers the card to the ZIP series card belt and 128M to be even
May use.

3. In order to process the soft replacement and the golden finger function, the card belt type and the capacity need the user to assign. In other words if you use
Is the ZIP256M card belt on pulls in on software right angle under chooses in the frame to choose "the ZIP series to gather card 256M".

In order to simplify the card belt type the choice, when ROM tabulates for the free time, the use examination card belt type or renovates the card belt function to examine
He Zhongka belt, automatic setup why kind of card belt type.

4. Renovates the card belt button special-purpose gathers under the card in the ordinary card belt and 128M to be allowed to do for examines the card belt type function use.

5. Joins TE series INTEL chip ID, supports the TE series chip. (This test)

In the 6.ROM parameter increases whether the dozen patch option, may alone choose each ROM whether dozen patch.

7. Own manual modification parameter and so on ROM Chinese name can preserve ROM to tabulate the document, in order to the next time will write down time will be able to be automatic

The 8.ROM Chinese name storehouse renews to 1148.

Moreover: Function and so on golden finger because time relations also imperfect, therefore asks the waiting next edition to be open.

Downloading please examined that,GBALink necessary software downloading

Most newly promotes ZIP the series 64M card belt On September 10, 2003

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Most newly promotes ZIP the series 64M card belt. This time promotes the 64M card belt, has ZIP series card belt all characteristics, after software promotes also may support soft function and so on replacement, password protection, golden finger. The support gathers the card function; Uses the brand-new FLASH chip, 1 million time scratches writes the life; Uses the rechargeable battery, guaranteed puts on file does not lose. Supports below 16M the capacity ROM compression function, may to the electricity ??, the NES game and so on carry on the compression, fully expands the card belt capacity. With ??? 128M and the 256M card belt compares, has the price inexpensive superiority. Is the economical not too ample friend's first choice.

The purchase please examine here:The GBALink fever records the system purchase

A GBALink year old! Especially promotes commemorates the version new packing! On September 1, 2003
Celebrates GBALink to be born the first anniversary!
Especially promotes the commemoration version metal + color box packing!

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