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GBALink has the prize to move the information On January 5, 2004
GBALink and "Palm Machine Region" the magazine association will manage a series of has the prize activity, the opportunity much, the prize will be many, asks respectfully the anticipation.

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Provides GBALink three publicity materials downloading On December 22, 2003


GBALink necessary software 3.61 edition On December 21, 2003
1. Improves exchange compatibility which the ZIP card belt and the VBA simulator puts on file. The renewal puts on file the non- standard size archive document which the function permission renewal simulator produces, like this the EEPROM form archive which produces regarding some simulators may directly renew into in the card belt to use. And the backup card belt puts on file the function backup the EEPROM form archive also to be allowed directly to use on the simulator.

2. Revises mistake which a card belt examination prompts.

3. After revises some time fever to finish, GBA not automatically enters the game the mistake.

4. Increases 1 golden finger document (Max Payne).

The 5.ROM Chinese name storehouse increases to 1336.

Downloading please examined that,GBALink necessary software downloading

GBALink necessary software 3.60 official versions On December 19, 2003
1. Increases 256M ZIP_SE the FLASH card belt the support (this card belt to support 128M ultra big compression space).

2. After the change renovates the card belt to revise the golden finger attribute rule.
New rule as follows:
The original card belt fever wrote does not reduce the game to begin using the golden finger function, after renovated the card belt to be allowed to close, to begin using, the revision
This game golden finger. And so long as in the original card belt does not compress the game has begun using the soft replacement function, after renovates the card belt
This game may begin using the golden finger function.
But in the original card belt has not used the soft replacement or the golden finger function game, after will renovate the card belt not to be able to begin using the golden finger
Function. Moreover renovates the card belt after the compression game not to be able to revise the golden finger attribute.
This modification possibly causes renovates when the card belt which the before edition software fever wrote made a mistake, encounters this kind of situation to write the card belt again with the new edition software fever then.

3. The improvement lowly disposes on the computer in the low memory to appear the connection defeat not to be able normally to burn writes the card belt the situation.

4. The revision writes the belt gold finger function after some kind of smooth fever the game to enter the game the golden finger invalid mistake.

5. Because some XXFLASH fever records software directly to embezzle GBALink the game famous storehouse! Therefore changes ROM to withdraw the way. The user if own increase the new game Chinese game name, when needs to withdraw the ROM name, please pulls on the frame in under the ROM attribute edition window game name to click on the mouse right key, in springs in the menu chooses "duplicates ROM to the clipboard" then.

The 6.ROM Chinese name storehouse increases to 1332.

7. Increases 12 golden fingers document.

8. Some other wrong revisions.

9. Provides traditional Chinese the game famous storehouse,here downloads.
When use please duplicates under the GBALink software table of contents this document romname.lst which installs, the cover same filename document, chooses in the menu in the GBA game then to demonstrate like this traditional Chinese played famously.
Note: On the computer traditional form operating system Chinese game demonstration additive device is normal, cannot affect on GBA the demonstration effect.

Downloading please examined that,GBALink necessary software downloading

"Simulation Region" the magazine matches article downloading On November 5, 2003
1. The template document and demonstration effect picture downloading which "Simulation And Game" the 11th issue of article "Is outstanding You Individuality - - GBA Greatly To turn hostileMotion" GBA and GBASP turns hostile.

2. "Simulation Region" the 14th issue of article "Own Begin Makes GBASP the Accent Light System"monolithic integrated circuit procedure downloading.

GBA correlation tool software downloading renewal On October 28, 2003
This is PocketNES, on the PCEAdvance development FLUBBA newest manufacture GBA GB simulator, first edition does quite good, the image display perfect, the support sound, the support puts on file, supports GB to gather the card, the compatibility is good, simply is the audiences plays family's gospel, intensely recommends downloading.Here is the GOOMBA compatibility tabulates

2.GBAJpegViewer2.3 sinicizing version (thanks ostrich)
The extremely good GBA picture transformation tool newest 2.3 editions, have joined the color vibration system, but enormously improves the demonstration quality; As well as "brightness" and "the contrast gradient" the establishment, little sped up the jpeg compression speed. Has joined the suspension function in the slide pattern, is shrinking the block map mold in the formula to be possible to demonstrate the more pictures information.
Has the preservation/to read takes the picture to tabulate, as well as practical "shrinks the block map pattern". Equally supports wide range with 2.2 editions the picture hand regulation and the new resolution establishment; The Rom password, the hand regulation picture as well as the picture peak (may improve quality of picture) and so on many practical functions. Support * gif * png * bmp * pcx * tiff * jpg and so on many kinds of forms.
This 2.3 sinicizing version also sinicized in English readme operating instructions and 2.3 editions renews, facilitates English not good friend use.
The new sinicizing version passed through ostrich's earnest sinicizing, other before sinicizing edition was bigger than in writing sinicizing and the contact surface adjustment aspect enhancements. Has equally decorated the first edition rough contact surface with 2.1 edition, lets the user look clearly, with happily.

Downloading please examined that,GBA correlation tool software downloading
1. The revision when increases some ROM chooses mistake which the compact model appears.

The fever mentioned which regarding some friends writes some ROM to appear question and so on dying machine Bai Ping, after increases ROM to be allowed to close in the ROM attribute "to allow the soft replacement" to solve. If you need to use the soft replacement function, has the film title regarding some ROM (for instance some to sinicize version game) to be allowed when increase ROM to choose removes the film title to solve.

Downloading please examined that,GBALink necessary software downloading




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